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Emanuels Eco Store - oekologisk modetøj, design og pleje

About Emanuels Eco Store


We want to promote sustainable consumerism through a strong focus on the environment, quality, and good design


By focusing on quality, functionality and design, we believe product lifecycles can be prolonged; consumption reduced and thus impacts the environment less. We must therefore have the best selection of environmentally friendly design products and Emanuels™ must be the best to analyze and balance the coherence between production, environmental impact, design and functionality
Transparency is the foundation of our product analysis. With Emanuels™ Eco Guide we want to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions. We put everything we know on the table. We encourage our customers to responsible disposal of old products, because we believe that longer product life cycles help to curb problems of increasing waste volumes, and reduces the drain on natural resources. Read more about consumption and the effects on the environment in Emanuels™ Eco Guide. Please visit our Terms section to see how we reward responsible disposal

Eco Design Blogger?

Are you interested in the environment and design and the challenges of resource extraction, production, waste, recycling etc? Are you motivated to offer your knowledge and experience? Do you love to write and inform and do you have time to be a blogger / writer? Then, perhaps blogging for Emanuels™ is something for you! You're welcome to contact us if this sounds interesting. When you apply, we would like to know a little about your background, what you're doing now and what you want to write about. Please visit our Contact section for contact details 

Green Operation

Emanuels Eco Store™ is operated as eco-friendly as possible, because 1) we believe it is our duty and 2) we believe that a focus on resource efficiency benefits the bottom line. IT purchases, energy consumption, transportation and office supplies are kept to the minimum necessary, and we try to recycle as much aspossible. It helps keep our business lean. Eco-friendly initiatives include:

- CO2-neutral power
- Packages delivered per cargo bike to forwarder
- Packaging 100% recycled - we have an agreement with Denmark's largest hospital 
- Direct dialogue with the Danish Ministry of Environment about the role of retailers
- Local and eco-friendly suppliers of products for operations
- No printing, except for business cards and package labels
- Sorting of waste
- All electronic devices are carefully switched off outside office hours
- Danish customers are rewarded for self pickup by bike or by public transport
- Customers are rewarded for handing in old items to charities

Read more about our discount programs in our Terms section

Emanuels™ product portfolio

We sell durable goods to individuals via the Internet and b2b through our internal sales force. Durable goods to private consumers, include:

- Home Products such as furniture, lighting, miscellaneous fittings, etc.
- Lifestyle products such as clothing, toys, personal care, etc.

Durable goods to traders (as end users), includes:

- Office equipment, such as furniture, lighting, miscellaneous fittings, etc.
- Stationery
- Tailored solutions to your company's specific needs through our strong network

We believe that responsible disposal is so important that we are happy to reward our customers to return their old equipment to charities. Read more about our program for responsible disposal in our Terms section

Landemærket 3, 5. floor
1119 Copenhagen K
Denmark, EU

Customer service:
Service (@) emanuelsecostore . com

Business Sales:
B2B (@) emanuelsecostore . com

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